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- Proud Cabaret -

“ Natsumi has been recommended to us by two big names of the burlesque scene .. and what I can say is just that they were absolutely right!” "
- Voodoo De Luxe Burlesque Agency, Milan Italy -

"There are more burlesque performers out there these days than you can shake a sparkly stick at, and sometimes it feels like they start to merge into one…
Not so with NATSUMI SCARLETT. The moment she takes the stage (and oh boy, does she take it!) you realise you’re in for something special. Something different. She is hypnotic and exuberant, grabbing you and dragging you to the edge of your seat. A performer who makes you push all the way to the front so you don’t miss a thing..."
- Rosie Lugosie about Natsumi Scarlett -
the radical lesbian feminist separatist bitch goddess top femme dominatrix teeth-slashing tongue-lashing taboo-smashing neck-biting out-all-nighting vampire queen from Hell!

"The audience was held almost spellbound and I can only say this is a must see!"
- T.T. Tassels -

"Are you a club promoter? Then never, ever follow Simon Cowell’s X-Factor formula, especially in live theatre! Shockingly demeaning, it’s the quickest way possible to reduce acts to unchallenging, Valium soundbites! God, why judge acts by whether punters have their inexcusably rude conversations during performances interrupted? That gripe aside, exotic, multi-media dancer Natsumi Scarlett – a new name to me – refreshed the parts other art-fags never reach with Lady Sasha, and that’s saying something! Queer in aesthetics if not by nature, Natsumi’s a striking, retroussé-nosed, paler Grace Jones, blessed with lips collagen companies would die for! Drawing inspiration from legendary, First World War sex-spy Mata Hari and fire-breathing, trapeze artists, her arms are enticingly wrapped, Amy Winehouse-style, with fetish tattoos that pull punters in like sex-starved pythons! Her act? Erotic dancing, but not as men know it! Think Spearmint Rhino come-ons married to the stunning, balletic grace of Sylvie Guillem or Margot Fonteyn, and breasts caged in baroque, twisted metal, the barbaric splendour of a female Nijinsky! It’s the Ballet Russes on ketamine, and what a joy to see generous, female curves, not a half-starved, London Fashion Week victim! Predictably, some snotty, underfed females present turned their backs to the act, furious that their men were slavering by the gallon, but that’s their loss. Me, I’ve witnessed a true star being born, easily the equal of gay dancers Michael Clark, Javier de Fruitos and Stephen Petronio, and an unclassifiable gem besides!"
- Proud Cabaret -

"Just when i thought this couldn't get any better,we were graced with the presence of Natsumi Scarlett dressed in a geisha robe. She took a slightly different approach to the other dancers and started her way hypnotically to the stage.Her moves glided and flew like a dragon chasing its prey,ending her performance bydropping 'dead' after drawing a samurai sword and spilling glittery blood from het tattooed torso.....The last show was by Natsumi Scarlett,with a breathtaking performance. Approaching the crowd in a huge white baroque-inspired dress and beehive wig, flittering like an overdressed butterfly to Moulin Rouge's "El Tango de Roxanne". Her unpredictable, almost angry, stripping of her gown led to the unexpected reading of a very raunchy book, immediately bursting into flames! This caused Marie to shed her dress completely and douse herself in talcum powder from an oversized powder puff.She taunted the crowd,covering the photographer's pit with talcum powder while the music reached a crescendo and she made her dramatic exit.We were all left astounded and BEGGING for more!"
- Devolution Magazine by Nitr0gene -

" Natsumi Scarlett,stella del Burlesque internazionale.Una performer all'vanguardia a volte fetish,a volte freak ma sempre con uno stile personalissimo.Potrebbe essere una Geisha o Marie Antonietta o una soldatessa degli anni '40...."
- Rome Burlesque Festival 2009 at Micca Club -