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Natsumi's workshops do not come as a pre-packed product. For each and every client (whether they're professional performers,upcoming performers,people looking for a fun alternative for a night out, male and female or whatever gender suits your personality) she takes the time to customize ideas in order to meet up with the client's expectations.However,to give you a guideline of the possibilities here are some examples of what to expect.

" Sensual Goddess Burlesque "

This workshop is suitable for beginners aswell as established performers. The emphasis in the workshop is on meaningful, classiness and sensual movement. Upper body moves, graceful arm patterns, poses and sassy hipwork are the elements you'll be working on! We practice each move individually until we can combine them into a Sensual Burlesque Choreography. This way you will learn steps and gestures that allow you to express your femininity and perform. Even if you have no dancing background! Therefor this workshop is highly valuable for the beginning artist.Please wear comfortable yet fitting clothes. It's a necessity to be able to see how the body moves. Small heels ( or bare foot as some people prefer) are fine. But nothing to high as you will be dancing a lot. A towel and/or yoga mat for warming up and cooling down is required.

Classic Burlesque : Discover your Inner Goddess and learn the tips & tricks of a professional Diva! This workshop teaches you how to take off your satin gloves the right way,remove your stockings like a Lady and how to wrap yourself in luxurious feathers befor showing off your best assets. Know how to be a flirt and a tease and still keeping it classy & sassy! Burlesque doesn't get any more Divine than this!

Shimmy'n'Shake : For anyone who knows how to perform a burlesque striptease or just wants to add some spicey moves into their lives! As a professional qualified danceteacher Natsumi takes you down the road of the Las Vegas Bump'n'Grinds. Hip shakes,shoulder shimmies and other provocative dancemoves will release the Showgirl inside of you! Become a tongue-in-cheek Teaser and discover the real meaning of Dirty Dancing...

Special Effects : This workshop is ment for the professional performers or the people who want to become one and already have developed an act. During this class you'll get the chance to add something ' Special ' to your already excisting show,something that will make your show stand out of all the others. Something that's significant for you and/or the storyline of your act. Maybe you have a prop that looks great but actually has no function. Maybe you want to add sparkles or feathers to your show but don't want to use them the obvious way like everybody else does. Or maybe there's just something missing but you don't know what... Natsumi will take the time to go through your act and find that one thing that will lift up your whole routine. Because of her own stage experience and uncoventional way of thinking,these assigments are right up here alley. Looking for something unique ? Consider booking this workshop.

One-on-One : Again a workshop that's ment for professionals or people that seriously want to develop a show. You can choose to either clean up and polish your own show,add special effects and dancemoves to it OR Natsumi can develop a show for and with you. From the very first idea until creating a costume,together you'll work oh your act until it's ready and stageproof.

Note : Although frequently performing fire, Natsumi does not teach it to others. Fire is a skill that takes years to understand and is something that should not be taking lightly.Who plays with fire,will get burned.You'll never stop learning and it demands full concentration and sanity.